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Simplify your Workstation with Maritime Expert Software

  November 29, 2018
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Nowadays, in many IT organizations demand many solutions providing packages, which personifies their workmanship in the form of various subordinate apps or application.

It can be a source to communicate with the interested buyers in the market, who constantly seek for organized work atmosphere, with proper validation in accordance with time. These software applications are rendered to optimize your bulk business that is affordable and also trustworthy.

To make use of this resource Tangar Infotech provides you with the in-house shipping software product, which eases out your trade experience into more accountable, scalable, as well as a measurable solution. This time lined app of ours which is called as the Crew Management Software, or named as the Maritime Expert (CMS), gives you eventual resolutions for various processes managed in the territory of crew management system worldwide.  

Try our own cost-free demonstration trail account. In case you are new to handle all for coordinating various processes we will be happy to assist you with our support team in some modified versions of the app to make it smooth sailing.  

What is “maritime expert” all about? 

Utilizing our shipping management software package can make your job easy going and customer user-friendly.  You don't have to actually use any hardware or phone glued to your PC. The Maritime Expert Software (CMS) is primarily established for various departments in the shipping industry like vessel owners, ship management corporations, and crew manning agents. Also, various crewing agencies, maritime trade members who involve in crew manning, planning & designing departments use this software. Crew management software in India has a heightened value of dignifying the utility, scope of digitalization of progressive country.

The need for maritime software solutions and shipping management software:

The various crew agencies look into different processes that have a tie-up with the fundamental Constitutional body of Shipping Corporation. In the huge empire of this industry have unified bifurcated sections. Each has a special workforce adjoined with it which manages large operations of shipping entice. The shipping companies related, will have to go through many standardizations to ascertain, the authorization to manage their business. When it gets through the entire framework, many departments need to be systematically channelized. In this regard, to simplify this process, “maritime expert” takes care of them with meticulous coordination.

The advantages of maritime software solution:

  • Accessible Globally – This crewing software package known as the “maritime expert” can be accessed from anywhere stationed and at any time for that matter. To be precise, this application is available 24*7.
  • No updates required: The interesting feature of this app gives you the most flexible resource and i.e. data configuration. You can have credential access which can be interlinked to all of your company put ups at the defined intervals from one system, while not having further software package installation or configuration.    


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